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All our flowering plants are identical to mother plant, carries desired characteristics of parent clone. Mike Biotech Asia acts as contract propagators for many international breeding companies. Our flowering plants are made according to customer requirements.                                                                         


Wide range of cultivars with excellent ornamental characteristics, which mainly grow for display purposes in garden and in landscape. Our plants are easy to maintain and posses’ high field survivability.


Mike Biotech Asia plant clones are produced from selected mother plants, which possess exceptional vigor, yield and adaptation to various tropical conditions. Testing the plants for known viruses and ensuring their elimination before micro-propagation .Our tissue cultured edible plant varieties present uniform growth, both in nursery and field.


Mike Biotech offers wide range of tropical aquarium plants of the highest quality. Aquatic plants enhance the look of your tank by adding colour, style and life. They also act as natural filtration by absorbing nutrients that are toxic, therefore creating a cleaner, healthier environment. Our plants are fully rooted and vibrant.