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Mike Biotech Asia is the young plant production division of the Mike Group of companies established in 2004. Mike Biotech Asia is Sri Lanka’s modern and reliable plant biotech company situated in heart of capital, Colombo. The management by using their vast knowledge and experience in this field is able to provide stable foundation and achieve high success rates for all projects undertaken by Mike Biotech Asia.

Our plant tissue culture laboratory with 20,000 sq .ft floor area is adequately equipped with all state- of- the- art production and R&D facilities. The backbone of its timely delivered supply is the highly qualified and technically skilled staff.

Our plants are produced by in-vitro tissue culture technology, and most of our plants are derived from virus free meristem.

We offer ornamental foliage, flowering and edible rooted young plants in different plant tissue culture stages which include in-vitro plants, ex-agar plants and on substrate available for shipping all year around.

We undertake contract plant propagation for clientele based worldwide which include leading breeding companies, commercial cultivators, plant nurseries and retailers.

Our Vision

Sustainable large scale plant production with uniform quality.

Our Mission

What makes us and our products unique is our approach to innovation. We have developed countless technologies in the lab, and in the field, to help provide our clients with superior products and services. One of our main goals is to ensure our clients’ competitiveness and profitability in the ever changing agriculture markets